Google+ now available for non-profit organizations

Google+ has long last rolled out the release of its brand Pages for organizations and non-profits.

Pages will have many of the same features as Google+ personal profiles or as those on Facebook Pages. Organizations can share information, photos, and videos as well as links and background and contact information. One of the true game-changing features of these new groups is the power it plays in Google Search; web users who type the + prefix before an organization’s name on a Google search are taken directly to a group’s profile page.

The following are a few great summaries on how to get started:

Once you’ve read this guides and determined this is something that makes sense for your organization, get building.

After you’ve built your page or are still on the fence about taking the plunge, a great resource to check out is the Google for non profits Google+ Page and consider adding it to your circles (screen shot above).

On this page, Google promises to “post community questions, host hangouts so you can meet the team & hear from experts, share tips & engage users in an ongoing conversation about nonprofits and technology.” Sign me up.


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